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Shaun Dallas Dance | President & CEO, The DDance Group | Washingto, DC

Shaun Dallas Dance, also known as Dallas, has an extensive career as an established and talented senior executive with a proven record of leading organizations. Dallas’s success is all thanks to his knack for solving challenging problems, formulating and achieving strategic goals, and delivering customer-focused results.  Today, Shaun Dallas Dance is the President and CEOContinue reading “Shaun Dallas Dance | President & CEO, The DDance Group | Washingto, DC”

Teach Students Leadership Skills | Shaun Dallas Dance

Much like parenting, the primary purpose of education is to prepare young people to become productive, positive society members. As a teacher, this means you’re tasked with not only relaying knowledge and data but also arming youth with the necessary tools they’ll need to lead others and spread effective positivity.  Research done by the Collaborative for Academic,Continue reading “Teach Students Leadership Skills | Shaun Dallas Dance”

Leadership Podcasts Worth Listening To | Shaun Dallas Dance

A news reporter first coined the phrase “podcasting’ in an article about an emerging new medium. The term is a portmanteau combining the tech of Apple’s iPod digital media player and a radio broadcast format. Featured in episodic form, podcasting uses the internet to make digital recordings of broadcasts available for streaming or downloading at no cost to the listeners. PodcastContinue reading “Leadership Podcasts Worth Listening To | Shaun Dallas Dance”

Knowing When To Outsource for Your Business | Shaun Dallas Dance

Even if you are a serial entrepreneur, it can be challenging to choose which tasks to outsource. The first step is to perform a cost analysis. Outsourcing decisions, like any business-related issue, need to be analyzed before potentially wasting time or money. The cost analysis of determining whether to outsource is a four-step procedure. The first stepContinue reading “Knowing When To Outsource for Your Business | Shaun Dallas Dance”

Tips for Hiring the Right Consultant

Hiring a consultant can be very risky. Nearly anyone can get a tax ID number and a company logo and claim to be an independent consultant. Because of this, it is very important to verify the legitimacy of any firm before you hire them. In addition, it’s important to do your own assessment before takingContinue reading “Tips for Hiring the Right Consultant”

How Leaders Can Engage Their Team

With the job market being so competitive, many people are seeking employment. The one thing making the job-hunting situation different than previous years is the fact that companies are also being judged and scored. Potential applicants are able to read reviews ahead of time to determine whether a company’s culture is a good fit forContinue reading “How Leaders Can Engage Their Team”

The Benefits of No Homework

When you picture a country well-known for churning out excellent students year after year, the last thing you imagine is that they never do any homework. In addition, it is probably assumed they attend classes for a greater number of days throughout the year than those who test poorly on exams. However, all around the globe,Continue reading “The Benefits of No Homework”